Paolo Pisanelli

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Paolo PISANELLI (1965, Italy), is an Italian photographer and filmmaker. He started out working as a photojournalist and stage photographer; in 1997 he took his career in a new direction when he became a documentary filmmaker. He is the founder and artistic director of Cinema del Reale, an annual audiovisual festival in Salento. He has received prizes and awards from national and international film festivals.


Il magnifico sette (1998, short), Provino d'ammissione (1999, short), Where We Go (1999, short doc), Scene di velocità massima (2000, short doc), Roma A.D. 000 (2001, doc), Tunza tunza (2002, doc), Il sibilo lungo della taranta: musiche e poesie sui percorsi del ragno del Salento (2006, doc), Vituccio, terra e canti (2009, short doc), Ju tarramutu (2010, doc), Buongiorno Taranto (2014, doc), Due scatole dimenticate/Two Forgotten Boxes (2019, co-dir)

Paolo Pisanelli op IFFR

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