Kim Gok

KIM Gok (1978, South Korea) has made many short and several feature length films. Besides Exhausted, there is another film of Kim Gok in Rotterdam in 2009, Suicidal Variations, which he co-directed with his brother Sun.


Anti-Dialectic (2001, short), Time Consciousness (2002, short), Capitalist Manifesto: Working Men of All Countries, Accumulate! (2003), Principle of Party Politics (2003, short), Light and Class (2003, short), Geolobotomy (2006), Party Politics Strikes Back (2006, short), Bomb, Bomb, Bomb (2006, short), Critical Density (2007), Suicidal Variations (2007, short, co-dir), Self-Referential Traverse (2008, short), Digression/Degression (2008, short), Gogal/Exhausted (2008)