Jani Ruscica

Jani RUSCICA (1978, Finland) was educated at the Chelsea College of Art and Design in London and the art academy in Helsinki. After graduating, he worked at the Ateliers in Amsterdam for a while, but moved back to his home country in 2007. Rusicia now lives and works in Helsinki. In his own words, he explores the intersection between cinema, video art, theatre and performance.


(selection) The 24 Letters of the Alphabet… (2002, short), Pilgrim (2003, short), Swan Song (2004, short), Contrapuntal (2005, short), Batbox/Beatbox (2007, short), Futurama (2007, short), Beginning an Ending (2009, instal), Travelogue (2010, short), Scene Shifts, in Six Movements (2012, short)