Irit Batsry

Irit Batsry (1957, Ramat-Gan, Israel) has lived in New York since 1983. Her videos and installations have been shown all over the world and praised at festivals, in museums and galleries. These Are Not My Images (neither there nor here) is her feature début.


Slightly Less Than a Saint (1982, short), We are all Civilized (1982, short), She Jumps Into the Water (1982, short), Preview (1983, short), Invitation for an Opening (1983, short), How Real is your Screen (1983, short), Neutral (1983, short), Fine Mechanics (1983, short), The Roman Wars: 1983 (1983, short), The Double Murder (1983, short), I Won't, I Can't, or I Won't Love You When You're Rich (1985, short), Animal (Loco)motion and (Dis)placements (1988, short), A Simple Case of Vision (1991, short), Passage to Utopia (trilogy 1993, shorts), Scale (1995, short), Neither There nor Here (1999)