Hashiguchi Ryosuke

Hashiguchi Ryosuke op IFFR

HASHIGUCHI Ryosuke (1962, Nagaski) directed 8mm films while still at secondary school. In 1989 his 8mm film A Secret Evening won the Grand Prix at the Pia Film Festival. In 1992 he directed his first feature, A Touch of Fever, The Slight Fever of a 20-Year-Old, which was screened in Berlin as well as being successful in his home country. Like Grains of Sand (1995) won a Tiger Award at IFFR. Three Stories of Love (2015) is his seventh feature film.


A Secret Evening (1989, short), Hatachi no binetsu/ A Touch of Fever, The Slight Fever of a 20-Year Old (1992), Nagisa no Shindobaddo/Like Grains of Sand (1995), Hush! (2001), Gururi no koto/All Around Us (2008), Sunrise Sunset (2013, short), Zentai (2013), Koibitotachi/Three Stories of Love (2015)

Hashiguchi Ryosuke op IFFR

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