Emily Vey Duke

Emily Vey DUKE (1972, Canada) was educated at the University of Illinois, Chicago. She has been working collaboratively with Cooper Battersby since 1994, making videos, illustrations and sculptures. The duo's work has been exhibited in galleries and at festivals across the world. In addition, they teach at the Syracuse University in New York. The Beauty Is Relentless, a book about their work, was published in 2012. In 2014, the film Here Is Everything was selected by IFFR for the Tiger Awards Competition for Short Films.


(all short, co-dir) Rapt and Happy (1998), Being Fucked Up (2001), My Heart the Lumberjack (2002), Selfcentertarded (2002), The Fine Arts (2002), Bad Ideas for Paradise (2002), Curious About Existence (2003), Perfect Nature World (2003), Together at Last (2004), I Am a Conjuror (2004), Attention Public (2004), A Cure for Being Ordinary (2004), The New Freedom Founders (2005, instal), Songs of Praise for the Heart Beyond Cure (2006), Beauty Plus Pity (2009), Lesser Apes (2011), Here Is Everything (2013), Dear Lorde (2015), You Are an Amazement (2019, short)

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