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Donna VERHEIJDEN (1989, Netherlands) lives and works as a visual artist in Amsterdam. She was educated as a graphic designer at ArtEZ and holds a Master's from the Sandberg Institute. In her iconic short films, she combines historical material from vintage Hollywood films with found footage and her own shots of everyday life.


(all short, selection) Realtime (2011), The End (2011), The Knows, the Unknowns (2012), Gold is Cold (2013), The House of the Eyes (2013, co-dir), All the World's a Stage - Ways of Seeing 2013 (2014), Land of Desire - Happy Is the New Black (2016), Prison (2016), Synthetic Life (2017), The Other Side of the Scenery (2017), D.A.T.A. Dock (2018), Kiss the Sky - Eye Trick the I (2019)

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Donna Verheijden op IFFR

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