Deborah Stratman

Deborah STRATMAN (1967, USA) is based in Chicago. She is a filmmaker and visual artist and teaches at the University of Illinois, Chicago. Her films blur the lines between experimental and documentary and emphasize issues about the relationship between humans and the environment. Stratman's work has been screened and awarded regularly worldwide.


My Alchemy (1990, short), Upon a Time (1991, short), A Letter (1992, short), Possibilities, Dilemmas (1992, short), The train from l.a. to l.a. (1992, short), In Flight: Day No. 2, 128 (1993, short), Palimpsest (1993, short), Waking (1994, short), Iolanthe (1995, short), On the Various Nature of Things (1995, short), From Hetty to Nancy (1997, short), The BLVD (1999), Untied (2001, short), In Order Not to Be Here (2002, short), Energy Country (2003, short), Kings of the Sky (2004), How Among the Frozen Words (2005, short), It Will Die Out in the Mind (2006, short), The Magician’s House (2007, short), The Memory (2008, short), O’er the Land (2009, short), Kuyenda N'Kubvina/Walking Is Dancing (2010, short), FF (2010, short), Shrimp Chicken Fish (2010, short), Ray's Birds (2010, short), ...These Blazeing Starrs! (2010, short), Village, Silenced (2011, short), The Name Is Not the Thing Named (2012, short), Musical Insects (2013, short), Immortal, Suspended (2013, short), Hacked Circuit (2014, short doc), Second Sighted (2014, short)