Bart Vegter

Bart VEGTER (1940-2011, Netherlands) made abstract films. He made his first film in 1981, after participating in the Cineworkshop at the Vrije Academie in The Hague. Vegter was self-taught and was inspired by the attitudes and works of Frans Zwartjes, Paul de Mol and Jacques Verbeek and by seeing experimental films (mainly from the USA). In 1990 he started using self-written computer programmes to generate his films. Bart Vegter lived and worked in Rotterdam.


(all short) Horizontalen/Horizontals (1981), In Need of Space (1982), De hemel is vierkant/Square Shape of Heaven (1985), Four Moves (1987), Nacht-Licht/Night-Light (1993), Space-Modulation (1994), Forest-Views (1999), Zwerk (2004), De tijd (2008)