IFFR at Rotterdam Uitdagen

On Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 September you can watch five IFFR films continuously during the Rotterdam Uitdagen. Not in a packed hall, but cozy in a special movie cube.

It holds up to four people in the smallest and cutest cinema at the Rotterdam Uitdagen, in the center of Rotterdam's Schouwburgplein. Continuous you can watch five specially selected short films that were shown at the film festival earlier this year.

Alter Senator (Willehad Eilers - 13 minutes)

The Alter Senator - a gin from Bremen - the life of an alcoholic in a solid wood handle. Hand in hand they experience one adventure after another, always exciting but also painfully numb. The user remains optimistic, especially in stupor. But before you know it, he touched the wrong barmaid.

Edmond (Nina Gantz - 9 minutes)

Filmmaker Nina Gantz won almost all major film prizes with her debut film Edmond, including a BAFTA. Her short stop-motion animated film is about love and pain, disappointment and desire. Protagonist Edmond has it all, but loves life so much he would want to eat it.

Falling Frames (John Langkamp - 1 minute)

Johannes Langkamp used a slow motion camera and built a special device that can shed fifteen meter high wooden tables, in order to examine the three-dimensional perspective by using the two-dimensional medium of film.

Novaciéries (Jonathan Debrouwer, Navy Brutti, Arthur Harel - 16 minutes)

In an empty steel plant a dancer practices his choreography, while the other dancers from his posse are introduced through YouTube videos. The oppressive atmosphere and constant threat in the film is enhanced by wacky costumes and the voice of an opera singer. A mysterious film where cinema, performance and home video come together.

Ogasavara (Vakhtang Kotetishvili - 8 minutes)

Young Murad and Masha want to live life together and decide to marry. But before they build their dream home, they have an appointment to fish with dynamite. Animated love story about life and death, told with irresistible charm and a tuft of stop-motion.

Opening times IFFR mini cinema, Schouwburgplein Rotterdam:

Saturday September 10: 13:00 to 21:00
Sunday September 11: 11:00 to 17:00

Check the website for the entire programme: rotterdamuitdagen.nl