IFFR Unleashed

Curaçao Winners

Curaçao IFFR 2020 had to be cancelled due to covid-19. To lighten the burden, we’ve released six previous winners of the festival’s Yellow Robin Award Competition. The six films are: Tierra adentro by Mauro Colombo (Yellow Robin Award 2019), Black Mother by Khalik Allah (Yellow Robin Award 2018), El hombre que cuida by Alejandro Andújar (Yellow Robin Award 2017), Antes que cante el gallo by Arí Maniel Cruz (Yellow Robin Award 2016), Las vacas con gafas by Alex Santiago Pérez (Yellow Robin Award 2015), No quiero dormir sola by Natalia Beristáin (Yellow Robin Award 2013). These stories – by filmmakers from Panama, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Mexico and the Dominican Republic – are rooted in places where cultures merge and collide, and have since met with eyes from all over the world. All films are available in the Benelux and Curaçao.