Tips for ticket sales

You’ve already taken a look at our programme, and you’re ready to join us at IFFR 2023! With tickets for IFFR Festival Specials opening January 12 from 12:00, and general ticket sales beginning 20:00 on January 20, make sure you’re IFFR ready with these tips.

Create or log in to your account on IFFR.com

Before you start browsing the programme, we recommend you create an account on IFFR.com (if you don’t have one already). To purchase tickets for online and in person screenings, it is necessary to create a personal account on IFFR.com. Purchasing a ticket without an account is possible by providing your name, email address and postal code.

If you already have an account, please note that we have introduced a new ticketing system which requires that you reset your password.

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Check out the programme and choose your favourites

In addition, an account makes it easier to remember your programme preferences; you can already add favourites via the programme or the IFFR Film Finder and quickly access the films that you find interesting. 

The programme schedule will be published on 18 January, when you can create your personal Agenda with screenings of all your favourited films. The IFFR Programmabijlage (programme publication) can also be found in de Volkskrant on that day.

Get ready for tickets to drop!

During the festival there will not be a box-office at every location this year. At ‘de Doelen’ and LantarenVenster there is a ticket support desk for those that have challenges buying tickets online. At  the other screening locations there is a informationdesk where volunteers can help you to buy  your online tickets.

Make sure you are logged in to your IFFR account when the sale begins. There will be an online queue for these sales.

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Sale of the new Festival Specials like the Blind Date screening, the opening film, the closing party, and more begin on January 12 from 12:00.

General ticket sales begin January 20 from 20:00.

Benefit from our deals

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Ticket prices

Regular: €12

Short and Mid-Length: €9

On Demand €8,50

Talks €9/€6

Tiger Members receive a €3 discount on film tickets and most of the Talks, with some exceptions for certain short film talks, where there is a discount of €1.

Students and young people under the age of 23 receive a €4 discount on regular film tickets and most of the Talks and €3.50 for on demand films. Please bring your student or identity card to the cinema to confirm. 

CJP As a CJP member you will receive a €4 discount on all feature, mid-length and short films during IFFR 2023. The tickets then cost €8 and €5 respectively. We also have a special promotion, where you can request a unique voucher code via CJP and receive a one-time 50% (!) discount on a feature film. You must request a discount code via CJP that you can enter when checking out, and you must also bring your membership card to the screening.

Cineville members can reserve free tickets on all Short & Mid-length films, from two hours prior to the screening.

Rotterdampas members receive a 50% discount on one regular ticket in January and one regular ticket in February. You must request a discount code via Rotterdampas that you can enter when checking out. 

WeArePublic has selected ten films for which members can request a free ticket on the day of the screening.


Seeing more than four films in the programme? Then buy a multi-use ticket (rittenkaart) for five or ten films. The ticket is valid for all film screenings with the exception of the Short Film Marathon. You can buy a multi-ticket via the link on this webpage.

Buy the multi-ticket here

Get IFFR ready

Your ticket for a screening at one of our festival locations will be added to your account. You will receive an email with a link to the e-ticket. The ticket can be scanned at the venue. If you are a Tiger Member, you can also have your digital membership pass scanned at the venue


Immediately after booking your ticket(s), you will receive a confirmation email to your email address. This contains the link to the e-ticket. We will scan the QR code from your phone. It is not necessary to print your ticket. 

If you have ordered tickets with a discount, bring your discount card with you.

Use your Agenda in your IFFR account

Take a look at your festival timetable. Every screening for which you have bought tickets will appear in your Agenda in your personal IFFR account.

Still have questions?

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