Tiger Members with IFFR Unleashed

You can easily upgrade your Tiger Membership with a discounted one-year subscription to our streaming platform IFFR Unleashed. Submerge yourself in the IFFR programme not just during the festival, but all year round from the comfort of your own home.

A Tiger Membership with IFFR Unleashed costs €85 per year. Normally, a subscription to IFFR Unleashed costs €60 per year and a Tiger Membership costs €35. So you’re saving €10 per year (€60 + €35 = €95). Note: you can only access IFFR Unleashed if your personal account says that you are residing in the Netherlands.

All the benefits of being a Tiger Member with IFFR Unleashed:

  • Receive a one-year subscription to streaming platform IFFR Unleashed.
  • Receive a €3 discount on every regular ticket (including Opening Night Closing Night)
  • Discount on Masterclasses & Talks
  • Priority access to online ticket sales. Start purchasing tickets to screenings 24 hours before the regular online ticket sale. Per screening you’re allowed one discounted ticket for yourself and – if you want – one extra ticket for a friend for the regular, CJP or student price.
  • Buy tickets for the first screening on the first Thursday morning of the festival. This exclusive screening for Tiger Members and Tiger Members Supreme really kicks off the festival.
  • Your tickets will automatically be loaded onto your Tiger Member pass following your transaction. Your pass will be scanned upon entry to the film screening. This way you’ll have a carefree festival experience without the hassle of printed tickets or having to get out your smartphone.
  • 10 percent discount on all IFFR merchandise at the on-site Festival Shop and the online shop.


After registering online, your Tiger Membership will be validated immediately and you can start making use of these benefits right away. You will have access to the films on IFFR Unleashed within 12 hours. Of course you can also gift a Tiger Membership with IFFR Unleashed to a friend.

Practical information

The Tiger Membership pass is digital. If you would like to receive a hardcopy pass per post, you can order it for €3 during the checkout flow.

If you become a Tiger Member in January and choose to receive a hardcopy pass, you can pick it up at the central box office in festival centre 'De Doelen' from the first day of the festival. Please note: the pass can only be sent to you if you have uploaded a photo onto your personal account. Please do this in time. For information, please send an email to [email protected].

Please note: it is only possible to purchase a Tiger Membership with IFFR Unleashed with a valid European bank account number (IBAN).

Are you already a Tiger Member?

You can easily upgrade to a Tiger Membership with discounted one-year subscription to IFFR Unleashed. Log onto your personal account, put the Tiger Membership with IFFR Unleashed in your shopping basket and pay. Congratulations, you have now upgraded! You will receive an automatic email with your login details for IFFR Unleashed within 12 hours. Check the table below for the different advantages between the different memberships. 

Consider making a donation next to your Tiger Membership to support the festival.

It’s thanks to our fans and benefactors that we can continue to connect a wide audience to the type of wonderful and unique cinema IFFR is known for.

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