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Tiê Villares

Tiê Villares is a non-binary latinx producer and screenwriter. As a partner of Volta Films, they produced the feature film Criadas, to be released in 2024. They developed the features Uncomfortable Experiences on Cloudy Days, winner of the Paradiso Award 2022, participant in BrLab and DiaLab; I Stole the Rain for Love, a project that won several awards, including the Fulbright New Voices grant, Paradiso Incubator and FRAPA 2022; and Starvideo, winner of the Jorge Portugal Award via the Aldir Blanc Law and a participant at the Kinoforum and Diaspora Conecta labs. Tiê has extensive experience in managing production of advertising projects, content and documentaries, currently developing series and feature film projects which actively participated in initiatives such as BrLab, Sundance Collab, Incubadora Paradiso and DiaLab.

Volta Filmes - Brazil

Volta is a production company based in Brazil that partners with underrepresented, subaltern, and marginalised creators to produce impactful and critical projects. We are specialised in the development of film and TV projects, believing in being close and attentive to the entire process, from the initial spark of a story creation to its entire development track. We believe in the power of untold stories to create new worlds and imaginaries.


Projects in development

I Stole The Rain For Love, dir. Rafael Assunção (feature)

Uncomfortable Experiences on Cloudy Days, dir. Diego Paulino(feature)


Projects in production / post-production

Criadas, dir. Carol Rodrigues (feature)

Starvideo, dir. Vilma Carla Martins (feature)

Tiê Villares

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