RTM Day 2023

11 January 2023



RTM Day 2023

11 January 2023

Our annual RTM Day returns for our upcoming 52nd edition, boasting a programme almost entirely of premieres. For the first time, this selection has been carefully curated by three guest curators: Cheryl Asruf, Noémi Biró, and Nizar El Manouzi. A programme chock-full of short and longer films, series, and documentaries – all focused around talented makers and stories from the 010 area, with an impact reaching far beyond. This year’s programme entails the making of a podcast, an album release, free talks, art installation, music performance, and a premiere of the new film of the RTM Pitch winner of 2022: Ravi Sandberg with Fantoomwijk.

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“In RTM, IFFR puts the spotlight firmly on films and makers from our city on the River Maas.’’

From established names and Rotterdam icons to emerging film talent, this programme reveals the riches of Rotterdam in all its glory.

For the first time, we’re welcoming three guest curators: Cheryl Asruf, Noémi Biró, and Nizar El Manouzi, who have carefully programmed screenings, performances, and talks on January 27th at LantarenVenster, beginning from 11:00 with coffee and croissants in the foyer.

RTM Day boasts a programme of 25 shorts, and five feature length films, almost entirely premieres (bar one, Bouw Museum Boymans, 1970). With special mention to the compilation screening Kondre Man which is followed by a performance from theatre collective Grande Loge; Kung Fu Lion for youngsters from the age of 10; and DEPOT - Reflecting Boijmans which tells the story of the establishment of the world's first museum depot that is entirely open to visitors, while using archival footage from Bouw Museum Boymans to draw apt parallels with the construction of the current museum building in the 1930s.

The RTM Day is full of different activities, with an album release from artist Subfiction and live podcast recording in the foyer with filmmakers present from the RTM programme. We will also host the exhibition of three installations from artist Timaeus whose work surrounds the topics of ecology, technology, and non-human agency –  researching how creative technologies can help us to reimagine our present and future.

The themes of Timaeus’s work are also reflected in the compilation programmes featured in the RTM day.

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RTM Talks 

Opening Talk 

At the opening of the RTM Day, IFFR takes time to reflect, visualise and anticipate what the filmmaking culture of the city should look like. The results of ‘Moving Rotterdam’ will be shared – research on the film climate in the city, carried out by OPEN Rotterdam, Film Platform Rotterdam and IFFR.

During a special talk, local filmmaker and screenwriter Froukje Tan will share her perspective on the city’s cinema culture in ‘Picture Rotterdam’, a new element of RTM which functions as a barometer of the local industry  and will return every festival edition. The RTM Curators will complement the Talk with observations made during the selection process of the RTM Day.

Get in the Game

This RTM Talk will focus on the relationship between filmmaker, producer, and the film industry, which can be unclear if you are an emerging director. How do you find the right producer for your project? What can you expect from a producer, what does a producer expect from you? Who is responsible for what and who owns the rights? Filmmaker Ravi Sandberg (RTM Pitch winner), Madhiha Duynhouwer (emerging independent producer) and an established international producer are asked how to approach this relationship. 


Intimacy, identity, sexuality, sensuality and security. In a conversation with actress and columnist Joy de Lima, filmmaker Jonnah Bron, and an intimacy coach, we dive deep into these themes and how they influence filmmaking on and off-set. 

Following the screenings and talks during the day, there will be five vocal performances for the party, where there will be live DJs into the night. 

All RTM talks are free to attend, although tickets must be reserved. All the talks are in English. 

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Investigative Past & Future

Dream State: A journey in five short films to the land between dream and reality, where the mundane just may be science fiction – and vice versa.

Future of Our Soil: Four short films celebrate fertile soil as the source of life and of myths that shape past, present and future.

Kondre Man: While leaving the homeland leads one individual to introspection, the other takes to the stage. Followed by a performance by the mysterious Grande Loge.

Falling Apart Into Place: Five short films in which the world as we know it changes overnight – as a result of exile, alienation, invasion or government intervention.

Looking For Connection: Five short films that investigate gender roles, relationships and probing in the search for connection.

Investigative Past & Future: Two documentaries about the preservation of culture, from Indonesian cuisine to hill people in Ukraine. 

Empowerment: Where to find strength after leaving your life behind? Three short films about recovery.

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