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Rhea Plangg

Rhea Plangg graduated in Politics, Modern History & Media Studies. After working in Public Relations in Cologne and Zurich she has been researching for documentary features since 2011 for Band a Part Films (Lausanne). As she turned to producing in 2015 with 2:1 Films (Zurich, female directors!) and later Helium Films 2018 (Lausanne, Claude Barras’ Sauvages), she discovered her special interest in development. She is particularly drawn to politically relevant and engaged cinema. She collaborates with Cinédokké Sagl & Amka Films (Lugano) while building her own Company Lido Pictures (Zurich) developing & producing short and features by strong, diverse directorial voices. She equally has a standing in Casting.

Lido Pictures / Amka Films – Switzerland  

Based in Zürich, Switzerland, Lido Pictures was founded by the producer Rhea Plangg. We are committed to arthouse cinema and artistic documentaries, supporting short and long director driven films and co-productions. We value diverse, female-driven, contemporary, socially and politically relevant content that is emotionally resonant to an international audience. In doing so, we believe in the power of intercultural and interdisciplinary exchange. We also offer diverse casting for arthouse live-action and documentary films.

Projects in development

Mater by Avril Lehmann & Yael Vallotton (feature)
Undercurrents by Beatrice Minger (feature)
I wanne live, I wanne die… by Jelena Vujovic (feature)
Forever be by Lena Imboden (feature)
Pilule Bleu by Alicia Mandy (short)
Amores Hallaras by Saro Vallejo (short)

Projects  in production
Im Stau by Alan Sahin (short documentary)
Girsl and Gods by Verena Soltiz & Arash t. Riahi (feature)

Projects in post-production

Body Odyssey by Grazia Tricarico (feature)

Released Films 

Something you said last night by Luis de Filippis (feature)
Les Héritières by Avril Lehmann (short)
I feel more like a stranger... by Beatrice Minger (short)
I got my things and left by Philbert Aimé Mbabazi Sharangabo (feature)
Stop over by Cosima Frei (short)
Sketches of Lou by Lisa Blatter (feature)

Rhea Plangg

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