Regulations HBF+Europe: Minority Co-production Support

Key facts 

  • The maximum amount awarded per project is €50,000.
  • A total of six projects can be supported per selection round.
  • Only complete applications will be taken into consideration (see project submission).
  • Upcoming application deadlines can be found here.
  • The selection will be announced around three months after the deadline.
  • The project should not start production during the selection process. 
  • The contract should be finalised within 27 months of the application deadline.

Eligibility criteria

Eligible projects 

  • Narrative feature films with a potential for theatrical release (minimum length 60 minutes).
  • Film projects by filmmakers with a nationality from from a country in Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East or parts of Eastern Europe, that is mentioned on the HBF list of eligible countries. Film projects also have to be shot in one of the eligible countries.
  • The general timeframe of the project should allow all conditions and requirements as mentioned in the contract (see selection process, contacts and payments below) to be finalised within 27 months after the application date.

Eligible applicants

  • Projects must be submitted by audiovisual entities established in one of the countries participating to the MEDIA Sub-programme and owned directly or by majority participation, by nationals from such countries.
  • Projects should be produced with a minimum of two co-producers. The co-production structure should consist of at least: 
    - One co-producer from a country participating in the MEDIA Sub-programme (the applicant).
    - One co-producer from a country on the HBF list of eligible countries (that is neither participating in the MEDIA Sub-programme nor a member of Eurimages).
  • The share of the co-producer(s) coming from countries participating in the MEDIA Sub-programme must amount to a minimum of 20% at the time of the first payment and should not exceed 70%. Please note that the division of shares is not necessarily defined in monetary terms.

Applicant regulations

  • The applicant should be a production company that is constituted and active for at least two years in a country participating in the MEDIA Sub-programme and owned - directly or by majority participation - by nationals from such countries.
  • The track record of the applicant should demonstrate a (majority or minority) participation in at least two completed feature films, including one international or European co-produced feature film. Applicants should include list of film titles, coproduction structure, financial contribution, release dates and sales/distribution results.

Financial regulations

  • Only projects with a maximum total budget of € 1,200,000 are eligible for support. 
  • Of the HBF+Europe grant a minimum of 25% should be spent in the applicant’s country of origin. The expenditure should demonstrate the co-producer’s artistic involvement in the project. The producer’s fee is not part of this expenditure. 
  • The overhead of the applicant cannot exceed 10% of the awarded grant, which includes the producer’s fee.
  • The expenditure of the HBF+Europe budget can only include costs that are incurred after the selection process is finished.
  • The money must be spent on:  
    - Production costs, such as expenses for key crew and cast, travel, accommodation, transport, art direction, catering, location, equipment, film stock/tapes, insurance or other costs involved in the production of the film.
    - Post-production costs, such as expenses for editing, sound mixing, colour grading, mastering, subtitling, deliverables, publicity or other costs involved in the postproduction of the film. Please note that post-production costs can only be incurred as part of the expenses in the country of the applicant
  • The budget should reserve costs for an external auditor. 
  • The HBF+Europe Minority Co-production Support cannot be combined with funding from Eurimages and the following similar international co-production schemes funded by Creative Europe:  
    - Berlinale: WCF Europe Programme
    - Torino Film Lab: Coproduction Fund, World Coproduction Fund and Audience Design Fund
    - IDFA: IDFA Bertha Fund Europe
    - CNC: ACM Distribution
    - Norwegian South Film Fund: Sørfond+ 

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