Lenny Abrahamson

Pleasantly absurd comedy about a young musician who, much to his delight, gets a job playing keyboard in the eccentric pop band Soronprfbs. There is just one rather striking problem: singer Frank has a giant mask over his head, and has refused for years to remove it. With Maggie Gyllenhaal and Michael Fassbender. Based on a true story.

When the flipped-out keyboard player of an experimental pop band with the unpronounceable name 'Soronprfbs' tries to drown himself in the sea, a young musician who happens to be watching immediately gets the job as his successor. No practice necessary - that evening he's already on stage with the band. It's a disaster, but a week later he is nevertheless allowed to step into the creaky old tour bus. But is this what he really wants?
In the pleasantly absurd Irish comedy Frank, singer Frank spends the whole day in a giant mask he has refused to remove for years. And this is by no means the only craziness in Soronprfbs. The other members of the band also behave idiosyncratically, to say the least. The recording sessions on the Irish coast for a new album get crazier by the minute.
Hollywood stars Michael Fassbender and Maggie Gyllenhaal were both enthusiastic enough to join the cast, and this is not so strange: Frank gives them every opportunity to act their hearts out.

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