Wang Xiaoshuai

Wang Xiaoshuai at IFFR

WANG Xiaoshuai (1966, Shanghai) completed his training as a filmmaker in 1988 at the Film Academy of Beijing. He started his career as assistant director at the Fujiang film studio. His second film, Frozen, was made with support from the Hubert Bals Fund. He is widely considered one the most important contemporary Chinese directors.


Dongchun de rizi/The Days (1993), Da youxi/Suicides (1994), Jidu hen leng/Frozen (as Wu Ming, 1995), Biandan, Guninag/So Close to Paradise (1997), Shiqi sui de danche/Beijing Bicycle (2000), Menghuan tianyuan/Suburban Dreams (2000), Jeon Jang Keu I Hu/After the war (2001), Er di/Drifters (2003), Qing Hong/Shanghai Dreams (2005), 11 Flowers (2011)

Wang Xiaoshuai at IFFR

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