Tatjana Božic

Tatjana BOŽIC (1971, Yugoslavia) was born in the Croatian town of Karlovac. At the age of 15, she moved to Moscow, where she was educated in TV journalism and filmmaking. She has worked freelance as a TV journalist, as a documentary maker and in advertising in e.g. Moscow, London and Croatia. Happily Ever After (2014) is Božic's first feature-length documentary.


Of no Strategic Importance (1993, short doc), Take a Look at Yourself (1994, short), Last weekend at Petlura (1994, short doc), Fraus (1996, short), Provincial Girls (1996, short doc, co-dir), Circa oaza/Just About Oasis (1999, short doc), My Home Twon (1999, short doc) Iskrivljeni odrazi/Distorted Reflections (2001, short doc), Dear Suzy (2002, short doc), A Woman with a Camera/My Sister Eastern Europe (2003, TV), Cities (2005, TV), Sex O’Clock (2006, short doc), Happily Ever After (2014, doc)