Stan Vanderbeek

Stan VANDERBEEK (1927-1984, USA) studied Art and Architecture. He started making experimental films in the 1950s and became a pioneer of avant-garde cinema. His film art has been exhibited throughout the world and retrospectives of his work have been screened in the Museum of Modern Art, among others.


(all short) Astral Man an Illuminated Poem (1959), Dance of the Looney Spoons (1959), Wheeeeels No. 2 (1959), A La Mode (1959), Science Friction (1959), Achooo Mr. Kerrooschev (1960), The Smiling Workman (1960), Blacks and Whites, Days and Nights (1960), Skullduggery Part II (1961), Breathdeath (1963), See Saw Seams (1965), The Human Face is a Monument (1965), Poemfield No. 2 (1966), Symmetricks (1972)