Sebastian Diaz Morales

Sebastian Diaz Morales at IFFR

Sebastian DIAZ MORALES (1975, Argentina) studied in Argentina and at the Rijksakademie (the National Academy of the Fine Arts) in Amsterdam. His videos and installations have been shown all over the world, including at the Centre Pompidou in Paris and the Tate Modern in London. Diaz Morales lives and works in Amsterdam.


(selection) Paralelo 46 (1998, short/instal), The Persecution of the White Car (2001, short/instal), 15000000 Parachutes (2001, short/instal), The Apocalyptic Man (2002, short/instal), In a Not So Distant Future (2003, short/instal), The Man with the Bag (2004, short/instal), Lucharemos hasta anular la ley (2004, short/instal), Nowhere (1997-2005, short/instal), Dependents (2005, short/instal), Prototypes (2005, short/instal), Simulacrum (2007, short/instal), Ring (2006-2007, short/instal), Oracle (2007, short/instal), El camino entre dos puntos/The Way Between Two Points (2010), Pasajes (2012, short/instal), Señal de humo (2012, short/instal), Insight (2012, short/instal), Pasajes II (2013, short/instal), Pasajes IV (2014, short/instal), Suspension (2015, short/instal), The Lost Object (2017, short/instal)

Sebastian Diaz Morales at IFFR

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