Sabrina Ratté

Sabrina RATTÉ (1982, Canada) is a visual artist working in the field of video. She earned a MFA in the Film Production Program of Concordia University in Montreal. Ratté regularly collaborates with composer Roger Tellier-Craig, with whom she shares a fascination for combining electronic images with sound. Ratté uses both digital and analogue technologies. Her work is screened worldwide.


L’entre-deux (2010), Retour des étoiles (2010), Transit (2011), Station Balnéaire (2011), Activated Memory I (2011), Activated Memory II (2011), Auroratone (2012), Aurae (2012), Jolly Ghost (2013), The Land Behind (2013), Longueurs d’ondes (2013), Spectral Net (2013), Visites Possibles (2014), Sightings: Littoral Zones (2014), Sightings: Landfall (2014), Sightings: Habitats (2015)