Sabrina Fidalgo

Sabrina Fidalgo at IFFR

Sabrina FIDALGO (1979, Brasil) is an Afro-Brasilian filmmaker. She studied in Munchen, Germany and Cordoba, Spain. Her films were shown at more than 200 festivals around the world. Fidalgo wrote, directed and performed in the short films Black Berlim (2009), Cinema Mudo (2012) and Personal Vivator (2014). Rainha (2016) screens at IFFR 2019 and won ten awards, including the prize for Best Film at the 26th Rio de Janeiro International Short Film Festival - Curta Cinema.


(selection, all short) Das Gesetzs des Staerkeren (2007), Black Berlim (2009), Cinema Mudo (2012), Personal Vivator (2014), Rainha (2016)

Sabrina Fidalgo at IFFR

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