Robbert-Jan Vos

Robbert-Jan VOS (1974, Netherlands) is a film maker who created commercials and short films. His short film Goodbye Neighbour (2008), which will be screened in 2010 in Rotterdam in the New Arrivals section, was screened in Dutch cinemas as a prelude to the Mexican film Parque vía (2008, Enrique Rivero Huerta). Robbert-Jan Vos is now working on his first feature film.


(all short) Quarantaine (1999), Unio mystico (2000), Vreugdehof (2001), Huisje, boompje, beesten! (2003), I Prey (2005), Attached to Omar's Life for 7 Minutes (2006), Gooise Boys (2006), Cry & Laugh (2007), Dag buurvrouw/Goodbye Neighbour (2008)