Reetu Sattar

Reetu Sattar at IFFR

Reetu SATTAR (1981, Bangladesh) is a performance artist. Her work moves between theatre, video and text. Sattar combines different mediums to create unique performance art about presence and absence, memory, loss, resilience and the temporality of existence. Her exhibitions and performances have been viewed worldwide. The short film Harano sur/Lost Tune (2019) will have its world premiere at IFFR. It documents a performance that took place at Dhaka Art Summit in 2018, featuring 33 musicians and 30 harmoniums. 


(selection) 1134- Numbers Not Lives (2014, performance), A Bird of Stone (2014, performance), Rising of the Days (2016, performance), Melting (2016, performance), Isn’t It Time You Let Me Go? (2016, performance), Harano sur/Lost Tune (2019, short)

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Reetu Sattar at IFFR

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