Philipp Hartmann

Philipp Hartmann at IFFR

Before Philipp HARTMANN (1972, Germany) finished his Film studies in 2007 at the Hamburg Fine Arts School, he had already received a Master’s in Latin American Sciences and a PhD in Economics. He has worked as a freelance filmmaker and programmer since 2000. After having made several shorts, 66 Kinos (2016) is his second feature-length documentary, following Die Zeit vergeht wie ein brüllender Löwe (2013). 


(selection) Stillstand (2001, short), (2002, short), Doing Magic with the Hands (2003, short), blep. (2004, short), Life is Not a Footbal Game. The Quest for the Offside (2006, short), Der Anner wo annerschder (2007, short), Requiem für Frau H. (2007, short), für Meiko (2008, short), Der Anner im Himmel (2009, short), Von der Notwendigkeit, die Meere zu befahren (2010, short), Die Zeit vergeht wie ein brüllender Löwe (2013, doc), 66 Kinos (2016, doc)

Philipp Hartmann at IFFR

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