Philip Solomon

Philip SOLOMON (1954, USA) is an experimental filmmaker, who has been making films since 1975. He received an MFA from the Massachusetts College of Art and is currently Professor of Film Studies at the University of Colorado. He worked with Stan Brakhage and has directed countless experimental films. He has exhibited his films in numerous venues for experimental film around the world, such as Whitney Biennials and three one-man shows at MoMA.


(all short, selection) Nocturne (1980), The Secret Garden (1988), Clepsydra (1992), Elementary Phrases (1994, co-dir), Remains To Be Seen (1994), The Exquisite Hour (1994), Bi-temporal Vision: The Sea (1995), The Snowman (1995), Yes, I Said Yes, I Will, Yes (1999), Twilight Psalm I: The Lateness of the Hour (1999), Twilight Psalm II: Walking Distance (1999), Seasons... (2002, co-dir), Twilight Psalm III: Night of Meek (2002), Crossroad (2005, co-dir), Rehearsals for Retirement (2007), Still Raining, Still Dreaming (2009), American Falls (2000-2012, instal), Empire (2012), The Emblazoned Apparitions (2013)