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Peter van HOUTEN (1951, Netherlands) is an independent filmmaker. He graduated in Painting at the art academies of Breda and Tilburg, followed by an education in Photography at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. In 2001, his first feature, The Exposition of Anna Zharkov, premiered at IFFR. He makes short movies, feature-length films and creative documentaries, and is also responsible for the screenplay, cinematography, editing and production of all his films. In 1990, Van Houten founded the production company AnnaZharkovFilm. 


(selection) Stolen Images (1989, short), The Exposition of Anna Zharkov (2001), Je m'appelle Liotta/My Name Is Liotta (2005), I'm Still Alive (2012), La vie de Jean-Marie/The Life of Jean-Marie (2015), Miel-Emile (2019)

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Peter van Houten at IFFR

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