Peter Alsemgeest

Peter ALSEMGEEST (1927-2004, Netherlands) started working in the film industry after serving in the army in the Dutch East Indies. At first he worked only as a cameraman, but later as a cinematographer and director as well. His directorial debut Romance in blauw was released in 1963. As a director, he made many company films, earning him the nickname ‘Purveyor of Film to Public Works’ in Rotterdam. He made his last film Ouder worden we allemaal in 2002. In 2004, he passed away in Hilversum.


(selection, all short doc) Romance in blauw (1963), Leven in de bouwerij (1963), De mannen van 546 (1965), Gezonden gezond houden (1967), Metro (1968), Bouwen tussen de mensen (1975), Holland Expo Midden-Oosten (1979), Holland Expo Verre-Oosten (1981), Metro Oost-West (1982), Zand voor Sylt (1984), Flying under control (1985), Een goed lopende stad (1989), Sporen onder de stad (1991), High Tech in the Low Countries (1993), Tideway - Dredging in the Far East (1994), NLR Flight Simulation Facilities (1996), Ouder worden we allemaal (2002)