Noud Heerkens

Noud HEERKENS (1954, Netherlands) teaches at several art academies and universities in The Netherlands. He has made a large number of videos, installations and short experimental films, but also dance films and a documentary as part of the dance show Sub Rosa. In 2009 Heerkens made his first feature film Last Conversation, which received the special jury award at the Transsylvania International Film Festival.


Reaction in A (1979, short), Limited Blue (1984, short), Ten Day's Kingdom of Kortrijk (1987, instal), Birth (1994, short), Man in Motion (1995, short), Four Seasons (1996, short), Erasmus Spitzen/Crossing a Bridge on Points (1998, short), Privé Story (2000, short), Huis Sonneveld/House of Sonneveld (2001, short doc), Sub Rosa (2003, doc), Run Motherfucker Run (2004, instal), Last Conversation (2009), Nol King Ruter (2012)