Noemi Sjöberg

Noemi Sjöberg at IFFR

Noemi SJÖBERG (1978, Spain) is a creator of videos and installations who graduated with an MFA from L 'École Supérieure d'Aix en Provence in 2002.  Her artworks have been displayed internationally including in the Cervantes Institute of Berlin and Modern Art, Färgfabriken Norr, Östersund. Her films have been shown at festivals and fairs such as the Festival du Nouveau cinéma de Montréal and International Short Film Festival Oberhausen, amongst others.


(selection, all short) Boat, Besòs River (2009), India (2009), Segre River (2010), Liv (2010), Campos Majorca (2012), Tunnel Street, Stockholm (2012), Instabul (2012), Venive Dawn (2012),Cappadocia (2012), Train Travelling Turkey (2012), Becoming Beauty (2012), Red#1 (2015), Summer Night (2016), As Time Goes By (2017), Fluvià River (2017), Shadows (2017)

Noemi Sjöberg at IFFR

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