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Nanouk LEOPOLD (1968, Netherlands) is a filmmaker and screenwriter. She was born in Rotterdam and studied Directing at the Dutch Film and Television Academy. She won the Tuschinski Award for her graduation film Weekend (1998) as well as the Kodak Award at the Munich Film Festival. Her feature debut Îles flottantes was nominated for a Tiger Award at IFFR in 2001. In cooperation with visual artist Daan Emmen, she started 'Beeldcollectief Leopold Emmen' which led to the film Close-up (2009). It’s All So Quiet, based on the novel by Gerbrand Bakker, was the opening film of the programme Panorama Special in Berlin in 2013 and won several international awards. Leopold's sixth feature Cobain (2018) had its world premiere at the Berlinale.


Fishy (1994, short), F 100,- (1995, short), Anna (1996, short), Marseille 1-2 (1998, short), Weekend (1998), Îles flottantes (2001), Guernsey (2005), Wolfsbergen (2007), Brownian Movement (2010), Close-up (2009, instal, co-dir), Boven is het stil/It's All So Quiet (2013), Cobain (2018)

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Nanouk Leopold at IFFR

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