Muayad Alayan

Muayad Alayan

Muayad ALAYAN is a Palestinian filmmaker and cinematographer based in Jerusalem. He studied film in San Francisco and his graduation project, the documentary Exiles in Jerusalem (2005), won the Kodak Award in the same city. His short film debut Why Sabreen? (2009), made with and about the youth of his home village, was screened and won awards at film festivals worldwide. Alayan is co-founder of Palcine Productions, a collective of filmmakers and audiovisual artists in Jerusalem and Bethlehem. In addition, he has worked as a film and cinematography instructor at several academic institutions in Palestine. His debut feature Love, Theft and Other Entanglements (2015) premiered in Berlin. 


(selection) Exiles in Jerusalem (2005, short doc), Lesh Sabreen?/Why Sabreen? (2009, short), Mute (2010, short), Sacred Stones (2011, short doc, co-dir), Al-hob wa al-sariqa wa mashakel ukhra/Love, Theft and Other Entanglements (2015), The Reports on Sarah and Saleem (2018)

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