Mounir Fatmi

Mounir Fatmi at IFFR

Mounir FATMI (1970, Morocco) is an all-round visual artist living and working between Paris, Lille and Tangier. Since the beginning of the nineties he has been active in video art, painting, sculpture, installation and performance art and photography. Fatmi's works, frequently using using materials such as antenna cable, typewriters and VHS tapes, comment on current events in the world and bring to light human fears and desires. In 2011 his work was included in the first Pan-Arab exhibition at the 54th Venice Biennial. He also held solo exhibitions in the Migros Museum für Gegenwarskunst in Zürich, at the AK Bank Foundation in Istanbul, at MMP+ Marrakesh and at Goteborg Konsthall.


(selection) Fragile (1997, short), Arabesque, hommage à Jackson Pollock (1997, short), Embargo (1997, short), Survival Signs (1998, short), Face, les 99 noms de dieu (1999, short), Fragments et solitude (1999, short), Les autres c'est les autres (1999, short), Exotic (2002, short), Festin, hommage à William Burroughs (2002, short), Thérapie de groupe (2003, short), Les ciseaux (2003, short), Manipulation (2004, short), Commerciale (2004, short), Dieu me pardonne (2004, short), Faiseurs de pluie (2004, short), La terre moins chère (2004, short), Les égarés (2004, short), L'homme sans cheval, mouvement 03 (2005, short), Bad Connection (2005, short), The Machinery (2006, short), Quelque chose est possible (2006, short), Histoire de l'histoire (2006, short), Tracked Memory (2006, short), God is Dead (2007, short), Le Message (2007, short), Memorandum (2009, short), Ghosting (2009, instal), Forget (2009, short), Couleurs de Déportation (2009, short), Suprématisme pour l'auto-défense (2009, short), Save Manhattan (2009, short), Beautiful Language (2010, short), Mohammed Ali, Le Labyrinthe (2010, short), Mixologie (2010, short), Architecture Now! Etat des lieux #1 (2010, short), Technologia (2010, instal), Speed City (2010, instal), Le Project VF (2011, short), Archi Sickness (2011, short), Le Silence de Saint Pierre martyr (2011, short), La Jambe Noire de l'Ange (2011, short), Sleep (2011, short), Across the Moon (2017, short)

Mounir Fatmi at IFFR

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