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Milo RAU (1977, Switzerland) studied Sociology, German and Roman studies in Paris, Berlin and Zürich, under e.g. Pierre Bourdieu. Since 2002, he has put out over 50 plays, films and books. His productions have appeared at all of the major international festivals and have toured more than 30 countries worldwide. Rau won, amongst others, the Swiss Theater Award in 2014 and the International Theatre Institute (ITI) Award in 2016. In 2007, Rau founded the theatre and film production company International Institute of Political Murder (IIPM). His film The Congo Tribunal (2017) examines the causes and background of the Congo War.


The Last Days of the Ceausescus (2009), City of Change (2010/11, TV), Hate Radio (2011, TV), Die Moskauer Prozesse/The Moscow Trials (2014, doc), The Zurich Trials (2013, TV), Das Kongo Tribunal/The Congo Tribunal (2017, doc)

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Milo Rau at IFFR

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