Malin Skjöld

Malin Skjöld at IFFR

Malin SKJÖLD (1962, Sweden) received her education at the the University College of Film, Radio, Television and Theater in Stockholm. She has produced and directed a number of critically acclaimed documentaries and short films for radio and TV.


(selection) Plötsligt i Vinslöv (2001, co-dir), Hela Bilen (2002, co-dir), The Burglary (2003, short, co-dir), Carwash (2003, short), The Fly (2003, short), The Skater (2003, short), The Troll (2003, short), The Tube (2003, short), Två bagare och en smet (2003, short), Vanrace called caramba (2003, short, co-dir), Vi som planerar tågtrafiken (2003, short), Biroll (2012, short), Common Wormwood (2016)

Malin Skjöld at IFFR

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