Mahdi Fleifel

Mahdi Fleifel at IFFR

Mahdi FLEIFEL (1979, United Arab Emirates) is a Danish-Palestinian filmmaker and visual artist who graduated from the UK National Film & TV School in 2009. Fleifel was born in Dubai, and grew up in a refugee camp in Lebanon and later in Denmark. He now resides in Amsterdam. In 2009, Fleifel graduated from the British National Film and Television School and founded the production company Nakba FilmWorks with Patrick Campbell. Refugees are prominently featured in his body of work.


Shadi in the Beautiful Well (2003, short), Hamoudi & Emil (2004, short), Harrisons Monday’s Arms (2006, music video), The Writer (2007, short), Arafat & I (2008, short), Four Weeks (2009, short), A World Not Ours (2012, doc), Visit Palestine (2012, instal), Xenos (2013, short doc), 20 Handshakes for Peace (2013, short), A Man Returned (2016, short doc), A Drowning Man (2017, short)

Mahdi Fleifel at IFFR

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