Magdalena Dziurlikowska

Magdalena DZIURLIKOWSKA (1975, Poland) is an artist and art critic based in Stockholm, where she studied Art. She is also a (guest) lecturer at several art academies.


(all short) Home Styling (2006), There Are No Limits to What I Can Do (2007, co-dir), I Haven’t Asked for This (2007, co-dir), The Rules (2008, co-dir), Attention Whore (2009), Self Torture (2009, co-dir), Criticism (2010, co-dir), The Holy Grail (2010, co-dir), Favourite Things (2010, co-dir), My Secret Life (2011, co-dir), Don’t Mention the Music (2011, co-dir), Water Colours (2012, co-dir), Festen (2013, co-dir), Resan (2013, co-dir), Gården (2013, co-dir), Fönster mot Hälsingland (2013, doc), Polish Palace (2013, co-dir), Porcelain Princess (2013, co-dir), Mother of Pearl (2013, co-dir), Man och Barn (2014)