Laura Phillips

Laura PHILLIPS (1986, UK) is a filmmaker and member of the film and music collective, Bristol Experimental and Expanded Film (also known as simply BEEF). Often working in a collaborative or collective setting, her works are frequently on 16mm and explore photo-chemical processes and sound/image relationships.


Monolith Pater (2010, short), Beacon For John Cabot Tower (Semaphore Line) (2011, short), Brass Rubbing (2014, short), Muted Rabble (2014, short), Calor Immodicus (Excessive Heat) (2015, short), A Tale of Toxicology (2015, short), Folie a Deux (2015, short), Geoluread & Genie (2017, short), Performance with Halftone (2017, instal), I Felt Like the Sound of a Harp (2019, short), Viridian Performance (2019, instal)

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