Kurdwin Ayub

Kurdwin Ayub at IFFR

Kurdwin AYUB (1990, Iraq) is currently studying performance at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. In her work she places the camera in her own bedroom, aiming it towards herself and reflecting on her own sexuality, her relationships and the internet culture of the 21st century.


(selection) (all short) Die Intrige und die Archenmuscheln/Intrigue and the Ronches (2010), Schneiderei (Vaginale VI)/Abscission (Vaginale VI) (2011), Adele 1 (2011), Sommerurlaub (Vaginale VII)/Summer Holiday (Vaginale VII) (2011), Katzenjammer (2011), Langsam Reiten Cowboy/Ride Slow Cowboy (2011), Familienurlaub/Family Holiday (2012), Katzenhimmel (2012), Sexy (2013), Video 1 (2014)

Kurdwin Ayub at IFFR

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