Karsten Krause

Karsten Krause at IFFR

Karsten KRAUSE (1980, Germany) studied Visual Communication at the University of Fine Arts in Hamburg. In 2016, he co-founded the production company Fünferfilm. In 2017, his short You and Me (2009) was selected for a compilation of the best German short films of the last 10 years.


(selection) Die Zeit, Die Es Braucht (2009, short doc), You and Me (2009, short), Die Frau des Fotografen/The Photographer's Wife (2011, short doc), I am here (2014, short), Scenario (2014, doc), Cadono Pietre (2014, short doc), Arrangement of Skin (2016, short), Battle for Greatness (2018, short doc), Konturen (2018, short doc), At the Bottom of the Sea (2020, mid-length)

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Karsten Krause at IFFR

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