João Canijo

João Canijo

Instead of attending film school, João CANIJO (1957, Portugal) learned filmmaking by working as an assistant director. Between 1980 and 1985, he worked with Manoel de Oliveira, Wim Wenders, Alain Tanner and Werner Schroeter. His debut feature Three Less Me opened IFFR in 1988. Since then has directed many features, which have been well represented at international film festivals. His film Blood of My Blood (2011) received the FIPRESCI Award in San Sebastian and the Grand Jury Prize in Miami Film Festival. His feature That's Love (2013) won several awards in Portugal for Best Film.


(selection) Três menos eu/Three Less Me (1988), Filha da mãe/Lovely Child (1989), Sapatos pretos/Black Shoes (1997), Ganhar a vida/Get a Life (2000), Noite escura/In the Darkness of the Night (2003), Mal nascida/Misbegotten (2007), Fantasia Lusitana/Lusitanian Illusion (2010, doc), Trabalho de actriz, trabalho de actor/Actor's Work (2011, doc), Sangue do meu sangue/Blood of My Blood (2011), É o amor/That’s Love (2013), Portugal – Um dia de cada vez/Portugal – One Day at a Time (2015, doc), Fátima (2017), Diário das beiras (2017, doc)

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