Jim Jennings

Jim JENNINGS (USA) has screened his work at some dozen one man shows in the United States and Europe, from the Museum of Modern Art in New York City to the San Francisco Cinematheque to the Oberhausen Film Festival in Germany. His work has been represented in group shows at the Whitney Museum and in the New York Film Festival at Lincoln Center. The Spectrum Shorts section of the IFFR in 2010 will pay special attention to this film maker by presenting several recent 16-mm works about Jennings' hometown New York. Jennings will be present at the festival to introduce his own films.


(all short) Edge (1972), Refraction (1972), Proximity (1973), Leaves (1975), Dispatch (1977), Chambers (1978), Chinatown (1978), Counterpane (1979), Wall Street (1980), Canal Cinema (1983), Waiting for St. Gerard (1983), Brighton (1983), Shades (1983), San Cristobal (1983), School of Athens (1997), Poems of Rome (1997), Dwellings (1997), Intrigue (1998), Painting the Town (1998), Silvercup (1998), F Stops (1998), Wash (1998), Miracle on 34th Street (1999), Impossible Love (2001), City Opera (2001), Interior (2001), Megalopolis (2001), Daily Commute (2002), Elements (2003), Close Quarters (2004), Made in Chinatown (2005), Silk Ties (2006), Prague Winter (2007), Public Domain (2007), Fashion Avenue (2008), Greenpoint (2009)