Jean-Marie Larrieu

Jean-Marie Larrieu at IFFR

Jean-Marie LARRIEU (1965, France) is a scriptwriter and director of short films, features and documentaries. He usually works with his younger brother Arnaud (1966). Their films Roland's Pass (2000) and Love Is the Perfect Crime (2013) have been screened at IFFR. In 2005 To Paint or Make Love was nominated for a Golden Palm. 21 Nights with Pattie (2015) is his eighth feature film.


Court voyage (1987, short), Les baigneurs (1991, short), Ce jour-là (1992, doc, co-dir), Fin d'été/Summer’s End (1999, co-dir), La breche de Roland/Roland’s Pass (2000, co-dir), Madonna à Lourdes (2001, short, co-dir), Un homme, un vrai/A Man, a Real One (2003, co-dir), Peindre ou faire l'amour/To Paint or Make Love (2005, co-dir), Les fenêtres sont ouvertes (2005, doc, co-dir), Le voyage aux Pyrénées (2008, co-dir), Les derniers jours du monde/Happy End (2009, co-dir), L'amour est un crime parfait/Love is the Perfect Crime (2013, co-dir), 21 nuits avec Pattie/21 Nights with Pattie (2015, co-dir)

Jean-Marie Larrieu at IFFR

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