Jake Mahaffy

Jake MAHAFFY is an American filmmaker, photographer and artist. Together with two fellow students, Dan Sousa and Jess Sias, he forms the collective Handcranked Film. In 2005, he started his ongoing experiment Motion Studies, a series of short films, and in 2008 he made Wellness, his debut fiction feature. Free in Deed (2015) won the Horizons Award for Best Film at the Venice Film Festival.


Jeremiah in Process (1996, short, co-dir), Egypt Hollow (1996, short), Apology (2000, short), Motion Studies: Gravity (2004, short), Motion Studies: Heat (2004, short), Motion Studies: Perpetuum Mobile (2004, short), War (2004, doc), Motion Studies: Inertia (2007, short), Wellness (2008), Motion Studies: Zeno’s Paradox (2009, short), Motion Studies: The Wax Supper (2009, short), The Sack (2012, short), Threat Prep (2012, short), Miracle Boy (2012, short), Ivy (2014, instal), A.D. 1363, The End of Chivalry (2015, short), Free in Deed (2015)