Izza Genini

Izza GÉNINI (1942, Casablanca, Morocco) lives and works in France since 1960. In the 1970s she ran the 'Club 70' film society with Louis Malle. They founded the SOGEAV to work for the distribution of Moroccan films. In the 1980s they produced several films themselves.


Maroc corps et ames (1987, short), Songs for a Shabbat (1991, short doc), Embroidered Canticles (1991, short doc), Return to Oulad Moumen (1994, doc), "Pour le plaisir des yeux..."/"For the Joy of the Eyes..." (1997, short), Cyberstories (2001, short), Nûba d'or et de la lumière/Nûba of Gold and Light (2007, doc)