Hirosue Hiromasa

Hirosue Hiromasa at IFFR

HIROSUE Hiromasa (1978, Kochi, Japan) started acting in small theatre productions in his teens. In 2001 he formed the unit Gunio-iro/Ultramarine with Takahashi Izumi. They produced over twenty works of moving images together. Hirosue directed and starred in Sayonara sayo-nara (2004), which won the Runner-up Award at the PIA Film Festival. Most of his films have been screened in Rotterdam. On Fourteen he also worked with the scriptwriter, director and cameraman Takahashi Izumi.


Sayonara sayo-nara (2004, short), Asagaya/Bellboys (2004), Hanauta-doboro/The Lost Hum (2006), Ju-yon-sai/Fourteen (2006)

Hirosue Hiromasa at IFFR

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