Hüseyin Karabey

Hüseyin KARABEY (1970, Istanbul, Turkey) studied economics first, but decided later on to attend film courses at the Fine Art Faculty of Marmara University. Karabey has taught in many different organisations and universities about short film making. Especially Boran and his long documentary Silent Death have brought him several awards. His début feature My Marlon and Brando was selected for the CineMart in 2006 and has been realised with financial support of the Hubert Bals Fund.


Etruch Camp (1996, short doc), 1 May 2 Film (1997, short doc), Bachelors Inns (1997, short doc), Dialogue (1997, short), Lost People and the Street (1998, short doc), Judgement (1999, short), Boran (1999, short), Silent Death (2001, doc), Gift to Nazim Hikmet Ran (2003, short doc), Pina Bausch Istanbul ‘Breath’ (2004, short doc), Dialogues in the Dark (2005, short doc), I Miss My Rendez-vous With Death (2006, short doc), Gitmek/My Marlon and Brando (2008)