Fred Pelon

Fred Pelon at IFFR

Fred PELON VAN DER VELDEN (1961) has made several, mostly experimental (short) films and documentaries, that have been screened nationally and internationally.


(all short) Zapatos (1999), Schick (1999), New Babylon (2000), Sandalista (2000), The Smell of New Babylon (2001), Silent Cinema Zwolle (2001), The Dutch Act (2001), Lonely Boy (2001), Mental Case (2001), Our Ladies of the Flash (2001), The Bandung Syndrome (2001), I Know Where Osama Bin Laden is (2001), Reanimated Cameraman (2002), Images From Yesterdays (2002), Bivak (2002), Old Snow (2002), Screaming Layers (2002), It is what it is (2002), Negen Vijfen Twintigste van een Seconde (2002), Mold Series (2003), Mold Boat (2004), Down to Earth (2004), Hoela Loop (2004), Mantelfraude Mentalfreude (2004), Otraluz (2004), De Godsberg (2006)

Fred Pelon at IFFR

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